smallick's website

Welcome to this website. You opened the link and got this page in your browser and now you are reading it.

The creator, owner and maintainer ( "He" ) created this website to host his (open source) projects as he is a developer. He has some knowledge on HTML, CSS, JS ( 'web development' ), computers, programming and knows to read ( understand ) and write (code) in those programming languages (above and below). He also knows to code and studies code in C, Java (in J2ME or Java ME), PHP, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Tcl, JavaScript, Perl and Perl 6, etc. He also knows a little about Lambda Calculus and compilation, interpretation and programming language creation.

He worked on some projects that are listed here.

He is going to create his blog. It will be available soon.

Reader may contact him by email for queries and questions about programming and projects created by him. Address is admin at my domain name (see above or below).

This website is powered by puppyCMS. Web hosting is provided by Awardspace. Domain name given by DotTk and Freenom.

He is hiding much information of him for his security. He uses but does not trust Internet much. He is a programmar by passion and student by profession and definition. Thank you for reading this page of and about him.