A lightweight flat file CMS written in PHP

Are you searching for a very small and simple CMS for creating your own website without needing a database or much hassle?

Do you want a very small CMS that just uses Markdown and text files?

Do you want a simple solution for creating your website and don't want those very much big sofwares?

Do you have a hobby or a small business and want a simple software to show the hobby or products to your audience without much hassle?

Do you have a new domain and want a simple software to save the domain while you find a solution to suit your need?

Are you a beginner in programming and want to know how this software works?

If yes,Why are you waiting?!!?! Just download this software.

MouceCMS is a lightweight (~40KB) flat-file Content Management System written in PHP licensed under the MIT license.

This sofware is designed to be used with PHP version 5.6 and apache server.

It can handle hundreds of pages without much hassle.

It doesn't require database, it only uses simple plain text files to render beautiful webpages.

For example, this webpage you're seeing now is rendered by MouceCMS itself.

If you wish to download this software, go to the download page.

Getting Started

If you have downloaded , you can go to the Get started page for next instructions .

Thank you for visiting this page.

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