Get started with MouceCMS

After downloading the software package, please unzip the package and upload to your server. The folder must be accessible from the web (or your browser) .

Open the website from your browser.

Navigate to the 'example' page to make sure that the 'url rewriting' feature works.

Open your 'admin' page and type admin in the password box and click 'Login'.

Please change the values according to your needs.

Note: The meta description and meta keywords are used by the search engine (crawlers like, Google,Yahoo,Bing etc) .

Please change the password for your security.

Save the settings and click 'Logout'.

Please read the editing page to know how to write text files for your website .

If you can not change the settings with the above procedure , you can read the source code of the index.php file to change the settings (that is,open a text editor to edit that file).

This software uses 'Markdown Extra' for the markup of the text file. So read the Markdown and Markdown Extra cheatsheets to learn the markup.

Remember the following points while you are using this software :

  • Please don't delete or rename the index.txt and 404.txt files .

  • Please don't edit the PHP files unless you know what you're going to do.

  • Please don't create folder named index inside the data folder.

  • You should have enough access to the file system to edit the files and make sure that this software also have enough access to that file system.

  • Please make sure that you have changed your password.

Links to other pages

You can go to the features , requirements , license , credits and editing page.

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